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MSL News 19th December 2016 MSL Christmas Party 2016

We had a great Christmas party the other weekend - here are some photos from the evening.

pic 5pic 6
Jen, Kathy & Leah                           Leah, Jake and Jen                  


MSL News 17th October 2016 Warner Bros. & MSL Work at Height Day

wb small msl small proud2bsafe

On 11th October we held a joint Warner Bros. and MSL Work at Height Day where we had guest speaker Jason Anker of Proud2bsafe visit the studio to speak to staff and crew and MSL held work at height related workshops throughout the day. 

Staff and crew alike found Jason's talk profoundly moving and thought provoking and all took away a new appreciation of the need to take the time to work safely when working at height and to never take risks.

We cannot thank Jason and his team enough for sharing their story with us and for leaving such a lasting impression on us all.  To find out more about Jason Anker and his story - please click the Proud2bsafe logo above which will take you to his website.

Crew also attended drop in workshops and quizzes during the day where they were able to take part in harness inspection awarness and scaffold / tower inspection awarness with a chance to win some great prizes that were donated by some of the productions currently based at the studio.

All agreed it was very worth while day where we all went home with a new understanding and respect for the need to work safely.

IMG 0036 IMG 0038  
Jason Anker and his team & MSL Roy Button of Warner Bros. welcomes Jason  
IMG 0016  IMG 0017  
Jason sharing his experience with staff and film crew Jason shakes hands with crew after the presentation  
IMG 0021 IMG 0009  
Leah and Jen from MSL during a harness workshop How to inspect a harness - Quizz for staff and crew  


MSL News 22nd January 2016 Production Guild and welcome back!

Jake as always was happy to work with Film London and the Production Guild on the Runners presentation at their recent training day in London. 

We welcome Mick Sheehan back from his travels abroad - our specialist events planner and safety advisor.

Keith Murray is thawing out after his two weeks in Norway on 'The Snowman' project.  Welcome back Keith!


MSL News 11th December 2015 Merry Christmas Everyone!

Here are some snaps from the MSL Christmas party which was held at Luton Hoo this year.  Shooting / Spa and dinner and dance - a fab day and evening was had by all the team at MSL!

 The joys of pet sitting - Jake and Andy's pug Mowgli!

IMG 6519

kevin final
  Hands Up! Kevin setting up for the next shot...

leah and ol final

christine final

jake and chis final
   Jakey and 'Aunty' Christine




 MSL News 28th July 2015 New IOSH approved course: Working at height in Film & TV production

It's here! Our new course 'Working at Height in Film & TV Production' is ready to go.  This course is a must for HODs and crew alike.  For more information please go to our Training page.

small 2

MSL News 6th May 2015 New Courses Coming Soon!

The MSL team are working hard on some new and exciting training courses - so keep your eyes peeled on our news page and on our twitter page for updates on our progress!

To view our existing courses, please click on the Training link on the right hand side of our top menu bar.


MSL News 30th March 2015 Our trainer Jim Clarke is busy teaching the Qualsafe Awards course 'First Aid at Work'

Our experienced trainer Jim has been very busy indeed training up many studio staff in the ways of First Aid at Work and the feedback (as always) is very good and the delegates are finding the course to be really interesting and rewarding.  Jim has a very easy manner making for an open and honest (and fun) learning environment.  We run other Qualsafe courses.  Please check out our Training page or call us to see if we can help you.


MSL News 22nd February 2015 MSL Launches their new IOSH & PSP approved course 'Safety Management in Film & TV Production'

Unit Production, Construction and Location Managers alike very much enjoyed the one day course held at Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden.  Topics covered in the course ranged from Law, Roles and Responsibilities, Risk Assessment, Monitoring and Accidents with lots of real life examples discussed and personal experiences shared making for a really interactive and valuable day of learning.

Book your course now - Call or email us for more details


MSL News 27th January 2015 Jason Anker: A Fall From Height - An important Message For Us All

"By focussing on the human story and the true impact of Jason's accident the film makers have made a film that applies to all workplaces and all workforces. Jason Anker: Proud 2b Safe is an essential training tool for any employer or trainer wishing to emphasise the value of personal safety to their workers."


MSL News 18th December 2014 Have a very Merry Christmas!

Here are some snaps from the MSL Christmas party which was held at the very lovely Macdonald Windsor Hotel.  Jake was fantastic - throwing shapes on the dance floor! Merry Christmas!

web 1web 2

web 4web 3

MSL News 1st October 2013 How Civil Liability for Health & Safety Breaches will Change (Oct 2013)

The UK Government has illustrated a strong commitment and desire to implement the recommendations of Professor L√∂fstedt's report into health and safety regulation. This momentum has been clear in relation to changes to civil liability. As a result, Part 5 of the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013 (aptly named "Reduction of legislative burdens") contains a provision which amends and replaces section 47 of the HSWA. 

This section of the Act (section 69) amends section 47 so that breach of a duty imposed by a statutory instrument containing health and safety regulations, or under an existing statutory provision, "shall not be actionable". Thus, once section 69 comes into force in October 2013, there will no longer be an automatic right to bring a corresponding personal injury claim for compensation for breach of any health and safety regulations. Where an accident constitutes a breach of health and safety regulations, a claim will only be possible where the claimant can be prove that the employer has also been negligent in his duties under common law. The overriding test at common law is that of "the reasonable and prudent employer, taking positive thought for the safety of his workers in light of what he knows or ought to know" (Stokes v Guest). 

It is important to note, however, that the changes only affect strict liability in relation to civil claims (i.e. personal injury claims). Criminal and other methods of enforcement of health and safety law will not be affected and strict liability, where it currently exists, will remain.

MSL News 1st October 2013 Norovirus 

The winter vomiting bug will no doubt be doing its rounds over the coming months so make sure you wash your hands regulalry and use sanitising gel where possible.

More information on the Norovirus can be found on the NHS Choices website:

MSL News 31st May 2013 Temporary Staff

Agency duties to provide safety information 

Changes ahead.  The government is planning to make changes to the Employment Agencies Act 1973 and to scrap the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Business regulations 2003.  The effect of this would remove the duty on agnecies to provide job applicants with information about health and safety risks.  When this will happen is unclear, but it's likely to be October 2013.  

Remeber: You need to ensure that anyone working under your control is made aware of your safe systems of work before they start.

MSL News 18th Feb 2013 How to check a method statement

You've made sure that contractors for all major works submit method statements.  But when they're received, how can you reassure yourself that everything is as it should be? 

The whole purpose of asking to see a method statement is so that you can check that the contractor is going to do the work safely.  So it's helpful to have a simple format for working through and recording your evaluation. MSL can help.

Call or email us for more details 

MSL News 11th Feb 2013 Safe working on fragile roofs

The HSE has updated its Information Sheet GEIS5 which covers the risk associated with fragile roof work.  Who is it aimed at and will inspectors demand that its methods of work are followed?

Call or email us for more details

MSL News 8th Feb 2013 You can now follow MSL on Twitter @mediasafetyltd

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