Working at Height

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Working at Height in Film & TV Production

Our IOSH accredited course is a must have for crew and managers
alike working in the film and media industries.

Offering a comprehensive and in depth Health & Safety & Risk Assessment & Working at Height course with hands on, practical training based on 'real life' film / media situations.

Course Content:

  • Why work at height needs to be managed
  • Law associated with working at height
  • Checking competence of individuals and contractors
  • Individuals responsibilities in relation to working at height
  • Equipment that is available to support working at height
  • How to identify hazards and assess risks associated with work at height and importance of communicating findings
  • How to use a harness and select an appropriate lanyard
  • How to inspect basic work at height equipment
  • Why and how accidents need to be reported
  • Where and how to find further information and advice

Cost £99 per delegate for a 1 day, 8 hour course - plus trainer travel plus VAT

Price includes comprehensive workbook / reference book and IOSH certificate per delegate.

Please note that we do not currently offer courses for individuals to sign up to. Training is undertaken at your place of work or preferred location.  The minimum number of delegates per course is 10 and maximum is 20.   

Call MSL to arrange your course.
Tel: 0203 4277687

Working at height is one of the most high risk activities crew will undertake

This course will enable crew and managers alike to be aware of their legal obligations, heirarchy of control, risk assessment and chooding the right equipment for the task.

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